VASTAL: Body Art Lecture

Adam Zaretsky and guests speak on Body Art

with cooperation of (among others):

Marije Janssen is co-curator of the performances artists for the VASTAL Virginarium. She has worked with the Institute of Network Cultures as a researcher. She collaborated on the Art & Politics of Netporn congres, the C’lick Me reader en the Impakt Festival 2006.

Kira O’Reilly is a performance artist based in the UK. She graduated from Cardiff School of Art in 1998. She has participated in a number of performance art festivals throughout the UK and Europe and also in China at Dadao performance art festival, Beijing. In 2003 and 2004, she undertook a residency with SymbioticA, a bio-art project based in the department of Human Anatomy. Her work often involves the cutting of her skin, and recent pieces have also involved animals, including leeches and pigs.

Sociologist and anthropologist, Francesco WARBEAR Macarone Palmieri deals with sexualities and counter-cultures, urban anthropology, emotional sociology, media studies and performance with a specific focus on Queer Theories and Gender Studies and on pornography, through essays and lectures. He is also the founder of the independent queer project “Phag Off” in which he is resident dj and with which he promotes events and festivals such as “Fe/male” and “Queer Jubilee”. He participated to themed festivals such as “Homobeat” in Bologna, “Live Performers Meeting” in Rome, “Activism Hacktivism Artivism” in Berlin, “The art and politics of Netporn” in Amsterdam, “Queering Sound” in Washington (Digital Contributor), “C’lick me.

Boryana Rossa is an artist and curator who works and live in Bulgaria. Till August 2004, she works under the name Boryana Dragoeva. She makes photographs, films, performances and combinations of all these. Her works have been shown worldwide from such as Graz, Cairo, Sofia, Montreal, NY. In 2004 together with the Russian artist Oleg Mavromatti, Rossa establishes UTRAFUTURO–an international group of artists that engages with the issues of technology and its social, political and ethical implications. Most of Rossa’s art works have cyber feminist angle for what her video Celebrating the Next Twinkling was featured in the show Global Feminisms, at the opening of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, NY and Katoptron, special project of the 2-nd Moscow Biennale.

Jeanette Groenendaal is an independent filmmaker/ performer / astrologer
Initiating art collectives; Artporn- ZootenGenant- G-netwerk
DasArts; Advanced research in Dance and Theatre studies (graduated in 2006)
nominated for the Magic Hour Award, Planet Doc Review, Warsaw