HTV Launch 31-1-2009

Op 31 januari 2009 is er een speciale uitzending vanuit het Theatrum Anatomicum van de Waag in samenwerking met Imaginary Property,  transmediale.09 en HTV de IJsberg.

Navolgend het Engelstalige bericht over deze uitzending:

The 13.000e Issue Launch

Undermining the borders between text and image, between private property and public space, and (ironically) deconstructing some of the basic conventions of a magazine, Imaginary Property is curating the 77 issue of HTV-de IJsberg, investigating new fields of image-production beyond the hard-coded notions of the commercial versus the editorial.

Presentations by Kim de Groot, Zeljko Blace, Lilia Perez, Eleonora
Oreggia, Florian Schneider, Dirk Vis and guests. Host: Lucas Evers.
Live interviews and remote connections between Amsterdam, Milan, New York, Berlin, Bombai, and any other ubiquitous space.
Join us on irc, and ask your questions. You can also call imp_agency via skype.

Interactive connection with Transmediale

About HTV
It is set up as a realm of experimentation at the intersections of design-theory and image-production, and a laboratory where emerging concepts and terminologies are set to a series of tests.

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Theatrum Anatomicum - Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR Amsterdam

Chat: server:
channel: imp

Zaterdag 31 januari 2009
Zaal open: 14.30 uur
Uitzending: 15:00 uur

De toegang is gratis.